The New York Education Summit in September 2022, at the heart of the audience with the representative of UNICEF

The President of the Republic, Head of State, HE Mr. Mohamed Bazoum, received on Wednesday at the end of the afternoon of June 15, 2022, the Representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Niger, Mr. Stefano Savi.

The interview focused on the Education Summit to be held in New York in September 2022. It was mainly about the roadmap and certain activities for which “we would like to engage HE the President of the Republic and HE the First Lady to give the necessary profile to this event”, indicated Mr. Stefano Savi on leaving the audience.

“We know very well that education is at the heart of the agenda of the President of the Republic and we have discussed certain strategic and operational issues to advance, at the highest speed, if possible, education and especially the education of the young girl”, he underlined.

This audience also allowed the United Nations System, under the coordination of Ms. Aubin, to express to the Head of State the support of all the agencies of the System, for the education agenda, he specified. .

Source: Presidency of the Republic of Niger

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