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Anxinsec participates in Cyber 193 and closely observes GISEC Global 2022

DUBAI, UAE, April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In March, security experts from Anxinsec participated in Cyber 193, an online global cybersecurity exercise hosted by the UAE under the theme of EXPO2020 Dubai “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, with the objective of promoting international cooperation between countries at various levels. Anxinsec’s leading expert team successfully complete the first phase “capture the flag” exercise, which consists of 7-stage challenge with increasing difficulty.

In the same month, another grand event in the UAE, GISEC Global 2022, opened. Anxinsec captured this opportunity to attend and closely observe to learn more about market trends and industrial innovation in  the UAE. GISEC has been helping UAE to cope with consistently evolving cyber threats for a decade, and is a major reference for the making of national cyber security and national defense strategies.

At GISEC the major exhibiting areas were occupied by providers of endpoint security, MSSP and identity security. Corresponding to this market tendency, Anxinsec offers an integrated security solution for host and endpoint based on memory protection, and real-time prevention capability of advanced threats.

A team from Anxinsec said, memory-based advanced threats rarely leave tracks for detection based on API monitoring, but they will appear and execute in memory where all the threats gather. In line with the von Neumann architecture, current computer architecture determines that any data need to be conducted by the CPU, and stored by memory, so theoretically speaking, security solutions based on the CPU instruction set and memory can effectively detect all threats. Based on those theories, Anxinsec pushed out its knock-out product Memory Protection System, which helps enterprises to defend 0-day vulnerabilities, memory webshell attacks, fileless attacks and other advanced threats in key applications, and tries our best to ensure the continuity of core business and the confidentiality of core data.

Additionally, we also have a file detection system of unknown threat that stably and efficiently completes tens of billions of detections. Beyond that, our PC-Hunter, a professional system information management tool, that has been continuously providing services for users for 11 years, and recognized and strongly recommended by many evaluation agencies can powerfully remove hidden malware and give your host a secure environment.

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