‘We should have the courage to take the lead’


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Israeli and Arab Leaders Seek Wider Alliance for Abraham Accords
‘We should have the courage to take the lead’

The Abraham Accords should be expanded and promoted to more Arab countries despite regional “enemies of peace,” leaders from Israel and Arab nations said in the Middle East Peace Initiative, a project of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF).

“We have to understand that in our region there are enemies of peace and those who will try to undermine what we are doing, but we should have the courage to take the lead,” United Arab Emirates (UAE) National Council Member Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi said at the forum.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, former Israeli Knesset Deputy Speaker Hilik Bar, former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich also addressed the March 31, 2022 forum’s online event, which can be viewed at https://youtu.be/2hlG859q3Kk

Mr. Olmert and Mr. Bar said they saw signs of unity and respect growing in the Middle East since the Abraham Accords were signed in 2020 under the Trump Administration. Mr. Gingrich praised the accords for their potential to secure stability in the entire region.

Mr. Harper described the Abraham Accords as, “by far, the most positive news” that humanity received during the entire period of the COVID-19 pandemic. “This positive move in the Middle East stands out against what is otherwise a terrible degeneration in the global geopolitical landscape,” Mr. Harper said, citing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Dr. Michael Jenkins, president of UPF International, said UAE and Bahrain are to be commended for developing the Abraham Accords with Israel and support from the US. “This vital step is increasing trade and friendly cooperation between these nations, which brings hope to the region. We also commend Morocco and Sudan for normalizing relations with Israel; we see the likelihood of many more nations in the Middle East and Africa following their example.”

The Middle East Peace Initiative promotes peace through dialogue, people-to-people diplomacy, fact-finding trips, interfaith pilgrimages and conferences.

UPF, founded in 2005 by the late Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and his wife Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, is a respected NGO in General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC). It has chapters in 159 countries.

Article on the online Middle East Peace Initiative webinar by The Washington Times

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